Kids Mountain Bikes

Best Kids Mountain Bikes

Kid’s mountain bikes allow young riders to investigate new trails or ride off-road locations that customary bikes can’t go. Both boys & girls similar will relish carry on to set off road with their bike. Acquiring the very best kid’s mountain bike for youngsters doesn’t need to cost a lot of money permitting them to ride contentedly and securely. Together with a mountain bike they could sweat off energy, keep on uphill & downhill ventures or pursue the biking enthusiasm of the parents albeit it’s off-road! Navigating the marketplace of kids’ bikes is a serious business. If it’s your youngster’s first bike, you wish to ensure the machine you choose for will give them an excellent introduction to the world of cycling.

Ten Best Mountain Bikes For Kids

 AgeBicycle Frame Height 
Diamondback Octane 24 Complete Youth Bike8 - 12 Years24 inchescheck price
Diamondback Cobra 24 Complete Youth Bike8 - 12 Years24 inchescheck price
Raleigh Bikes Kids Rowdy 20 Mountain Bike5 - 9 Years20 inchescheck price
Diamondback Tess 20 Complete Youth Bike4 - 9 Years20 inchescheck price
Kent Super 20 Boys Bike4 - 8 Years20 inchescheck price
Diamondback Octane 20" Kid's Bike4 - 8 Years20 inchescheck price
24" Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike9 - 12 Years24 inchescheck price
Guardian Lightweight Kids Bike, 20 - 24 Inch5 - 10 Years20 - 24 inchescheck price
20" Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys' Mountain Bike4 - 8 Years20 inchescheck price
Mongoose Massif Boy's 20" Fat Tire Bike8 - 12 Years20 inchescheck price

Diamondback Octane 24 Complete Youth Bike – 24 inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Made for ventures across the block & starting out on the trail, the Octane 24 is a superb wide-ranging mountain bike for maturing youngsters. The aluminum frame is weightless and enduring; with 24” wheels that overturn holes & barriers, tinier bikes contend with. A suspension fork assists in maintaining everything in the jurisdiction when things get uneven plus an easy-twist grip shift picks from 21 terrain-gobbling gears.


  • Suspension fork provides a smooth ride
  • Linear pull brakes are straightforward, strong & simple for kids to utilize
  • Heat-treated aluminum alloy assembly & expendable derailleur hanger enhance durability
  • Shimano 7-speed drive-train provides an ample gear range for varied terrain
  • Kraton grips set up for relaxing
  • Linear pull brakes to remain safe on the crisis
  • 2.1″ ATB knobby tires supply the highest traction
  • 50mm light suspension fork to obtain control in uneven terrain
  • Constructed with 6061 T6 aluminum frame thus lightweight & durable
  • Shimano 21 speed drivetrain along with grip shifter to change gear effortlessly
  • Strong 26″ wheels together with alloy rims to upturn barriers on the trail
  • Nix water bottle cage or mount
  • No disc brake as per newest technology

Diamondback Cobra 24 Complete Youth Bike – 24 inch Mountain Bike

Diamondback Cobra bicycle is an excellent selection for young children with aspirations of develops into riding enthusiasts. For this, your child will graduate from the standard trails in the pack & paved paths for some excellent mountain experience. The bike comes in one size, and it’s the best option for children graduating from toy bicycles to adult bicycles. It is a beautiful intermediate bike. The bike, 24” in proportions will work for kids aged between 9 to 12 years. Remember that the sizing of bicycles is dependent on various parameters. Make sure that the bike fits your kid before purchasing it.


  • Riding cozily
  • Immense wheelset
  • Exceptional frame & fork
  • Saddle & seat post
  • Extensive speed range
  • Braking system
  • Includes a high tensile steel frame that is enduring
  • The 24″ tires effortlessly roll over obstructions with good control
  • Has sturdy tires & overall wheelset for quick mountain riding
  • The Diamondback Cobra 24 is perfect for assisting to bridge the gap amongst adult bikes
  • The suspension fork facilitates in absorbing bumps for a better ride
  • Shimano drivetrain along with 21 gear speed supplies a wide variety of gears
  • The bike has enormous stopping power given by the linear pull brakes
  • Slightly heavy because of steel frame
  • No Kickstand existing. You’ve to include one for you

Raleigh Bikes Kids Rowdy 20 Mountain Bike – Best 20 Mountain Bike

Raleigh bicycles are made around one particular idea: fun. The rowdy 20 is an ideal beginner trail bike to take your 5-9-year-old kid on his next adventure. Built to ride around the locality, to school & back, or on the neighborhood dirt trails. The Raleigh Rowdy 20″ is a long-lasting & the youth mountain bikes affordable choice for young, adventurous riders seeking to ride hard and get insistent off the beaten path.


  • A light & durable aluminum frame
  • Provides a user-friendly 6-speed twist shifter
  • Incorporates 20” wheels & wide 2.125″ tires
  • Great wheels and tires
  • Moves at fast speed
  • The bike is sturdily constructed
  • Lightweight
  • Some individuals complain concerning the suspension system

Diamondback Tess 20 Complete Youth Bike – Best Mountain Bike for 8 year old Girl

Diamondback youth Bike 20″ is just a smallest girl’s mountain bike as well as have heavy-duty steel frame tough bicycle along with 30mm travel suspension to level the bounces; it’s with 36 spoke aluminum wheels. Also, front & rear brakes plus six speeds freewheel together with an uncomplicated operational twist. It’s outfitted with brake levers & a six-speed grip shifter which is simple for children to utilize, and a derailleur guard for safety. The Tess 20 is attractive and pink; however, it’s plenty sturdy too!


  • The bicycle can be obtained with a lovely touch of Pink shade for an amazing girlish appeal
  • With a tough steel frame, there’s no need to bother about its durability & toughness
  • With the aid of a 6 Speed Freewheel, it is straightforward to regulate speed to match unusual road conditions
  • It includes a suspension fork that provides 30mm of traveling capacity plus offers ultimate security from the rough & uneven terrain
  • Splendid all-around bike for youngsters
  • For the cost its simple purchase
  • Awful Assembly Procedure
  • Bike is heavy

Kent Super 20 Boys Bike – 20 inch mountain bike

Kent Super 20 Boys Bike hit the open road or even roams rocky terrain in trendy style. Boasting a robust, top-quality metal frame, this sturdy bicycle boasts bold colors and some features which make performing tricks or riding bumpy surfaces trouble-free.


  • Front reflector
  • Steel frame
  • Simple to assemble
  • Adaptable seat clamp
  • Dual suspension for a clean ride
  • Just one-speed gear, chain guard, padded handlebar, foot pegs, also front hand brake plus rear wheel coaster brake
  • Simply perfect
  • High quality for value
  • Firm construction
  • Watch out for manufacturing defects
  • Horrific Purchase

Diamondback Octane 20″ Kid’s Bike – Best Beginner Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Insight is a quality bike that institutes your growing rider to the world of multi-gears, extended distances, and added varied elevations without breaking the bank. The Octane is made for a rider that requires extra squeeze & gearing more than usual BMX bike. It’s great for the little one that likes to play in the dirt, though nonetheless provides the flexibility to ride anywhere in the vicinity.


  • Heat-treated aluminum alloy assembly & expendable derailleur hanger supplement sturdiness
  • Linear pull brakes are uncomplicated, strong and undemanding for children to utilize
  • Shimano 6-speed drivetrain furnishes a broad gear range for assorted terrain
  • Suspension fork imparts smooth ride
  • Eminent bike for the cash
  • Incredible deal
  • Not really an excellent trail bike
  • Awful assembly instructions

24″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike – Best mountain bike for 12 year old boy

The Granite Peak is a bike that’ll enable you to get where you want to go, also let you to honestly have a little enjoyment along the way. The highlights contain a steel mountain design frame together with a front suspension fork, plus a 3-piece mountain crank, and 18-speed twist shifters & alloy wheels. The tires are thick such as a mountain bike tire, and incredibly versatile that you could plan a trip almost anywhere. Roadmaster is a trusted American worth in recreational bike riding for generations.


  • Rugged trails & path riding
  • A steel mountain style frame
  • Mountain: front suspension
  • Front & rear linear pull brakes
  • Alloy wheels plus 3-piece crank
  • 18-speed twist shifters
  • Admired for trails & casual riding; suspension enhances handling for off-road
  • Great for novices
  • Riding flexibility
  • Perfect for adventurers
  • Feeble bicycle
  • Unsatisfactory

Guardian Lightweight Kids Bike, 20 – 24 Inch – Junior Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Guardian Bikes are now for sale in 20″ & 24″ tires and classically fit kids ages 5 to 10 years old. The 20″ line comes in single-speed or as a 6-speed, as the 24″ in just available as a 7-speed.


  • Top-quality components
  • Uncomplicated reach brake lever
  • Comprises kickstand & tools
  • Added-strength double wall Rhino Rims
  • Lightweight Frame
  • SureStop Braking Technology
  • Gearing
  • Extensive Wheelbase
  • Brake Lever

20″ Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike – Best 20 inch Bike

The 20-inch Mongoose Ledge Bike makes it simple for youngsters to fly around the vicinity and will feel sure to explore a lot more than they ever have before. This mountain bike is ideal for exciting off-road riding action as well as the children can get lots of exercises & fresh air.


  • 7-speed twist shifters along with Shimano rear derailleur
  • 3-piece crank for a trusted gear support
  • Alloy front & rear linear pull brakes
  • Mountain style athletic seat
  • Ideal for riders 4′ & up
  • Aluminum full suspension frame & fork smoothes the bumps of a difficult ride
  • This kids’ bicycle stock seat is adorably comfy
  • It’s lightweight hence simple to ride
  • Its 4-bar frame is powerful thus supplies a stable mtb ride regardless of terrain or slope
  • Its gear-shift executes smoothly to offer for hassle-free cycling in every type of slopes
  • The bike has desirable shock-muzzling features owing to its consistent suspension fork & frame
  • The bike holds numerous plastic components (comprising the derailleur) which break apart with rough or extended usage
  • Boy riders with short hands could find it somewhat challenging to ride this bike for long as the handlebars are a bit far & low-placed.

Mongoose Massif Boy’s 20″ Fat Tire Bike – Best Bike for 10 Years old

The Massif 20″ beach cruiser was created to be ridden without difficulty on a wide selection of terrain because of large tires for steadiness & traction. Cruiser frame geometry adds an appropriate though athletic riding position. The Massif is designed with a supersized beach frame with lots of clearance to overcome any terrain with the 4 1/4″ knobby tires to 4 1/4″ tires. Alloy 4″ great wheel fix with disc brakes for quick stopping, stumpy rise handlebars for luxury & constancy plus three piece cranks, the 7-speed gearing form this to the right bike to conquer anything.


  • Alloy 4″ wide wheel fix with disc brakes
  • 3-piece cranks & beach cruiser pedals
  • 7-speed gearing along with Shimano rear derailleur
  • Cruiser design frame with lots of clearance to overcome any terrain
  • Trendiest Bike Around
  • Heavy duty composition, will handle tricky terrain
  • Requires several adjustments
  • Inadequate packaging

Buyer’s Guide – Kid mountain bikes

What To Consider?

When selecting a mountain bike for a kid, consider a couple of things such as for instance:

  • Size & Fit

The wheels principally decide the ratios of the bicycle, way over for grown-up bikes. Models for kids vary between 12” & 24”, with 26” being the conventional adult size.

  • Brakes

The mountain bike normally utilizes either disc brakes or rim brakes. The disc brakes highlight rotors escalated on the wheels with unique brake pads. And through linear brakes or rim brakes, you drag to utilize rubber brake pads straight on the metal rim of the wheels.

  • Frame

It’s the biggest section of any sort of kid’s mountain bike, also, it put in significantly to the entire mass. For kids, that could easily constitute a substantial percentage of the body weight.

  • Tires

The tires on a kid’s mountain bike power coziness & stability. A larger tire means additional surface area plus added contact with the floor, in addition to the extra cushion.

  • Fork

You fundamentally have the option between a suspension and rigid fork for a kid’s mountain bike. Suspension produces a smoother ride, however actually is only required if your youngster will proceed to more technical trails within the duration of the bike. Whereas, for the cross-country riding, a rigid fork is extremely adequate.

  • Gears

A range of gears could make it very much simpler to pedal uphill or sustain a greater speed with time, though unsure just how to shift appropriately can introduce pressure on the chain or make it jump the wheels.


Overall, you’ll acquire the very best kid mountain bike if you recognize the prominent features to check out for. They’re inclusive of the braking system, wheel size, suspension types, maintenance features & fitting amongst others. You should also consider other conditions like the costs, the reliability of the seller, and tastes also preferences of one’s kid. Comprehensive research into the topic along with consulting the experts as well as your pals is likely to be of great help you. Nevertheless, you can never fail by choosing the products featured in this write-up.

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