Best Lunch Box Containers For Toddlers

In this list, we have collected the best products in the category best lunch box containers for toddlers. Why? To make it convenient for you to compare them before buying. We added useful information about these products to the list: measurements, characteristics, and other important details. All this information will help you make a decision and choose the best of the best.

Penguinni Containers Stainless Lightweight Leakproof — Best Lunch Box Containers For Toddlers

  • FREE LID REPLACEMENTS: At Penguinni we value our family members by offering free replacements for any ripped silicone lids; You will receive instructions about this when your metal lunch containers arrives
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND EASY TO CLEAN: The stainless steel containers and leakproof silicone lids are dishwasher safe
  • IMPACT RESISTANCE: CPSC Certified approved, Scooter helmet use ABS outer shell+high-density EPS inner shell, thickened soft sponge, comfortable and durable.
  • 2 COMPARTMENTS – Stop mixing your food! We have included a removable plastic compartment in case you want to separate different types of food. Also, we have included an spoon completely for free.

Bentgo Kids Childrens Lunch Box

  • MICROWAVE AND DISHWASHER-SAFE: Removable compartment tray reheats food safely in the microwave and cleans up easily in the dishwasher
  • LEAK-PROOF TECHNOLOGY: Keeps meals and snacks fresh and mess-free during transport– Includes two kid-friendly latches that are easy for small hands to open and close.
  • Set of 2 sheets

Prep Naturals Glass Containers Compartment

  • HELP YOU KEEP YOUR DIET – The portion control feature of the divided glass lunch containers allows you to regain control over your meals.
  • EASY TO WARM OR FREEZE – Made from eco-friendly borosilicate glass, the food storage containers are freezable, microwavable and oven safe.
  • 360 degree drinking edge eliminates spills completely

EasyLunchboxes 3 Compartment Bento Containers Classic

  • 3 compartments (9.4″ x 6.1″ x 2″); made from FDA-approved, high-quality polypropylene #5 plastic; No BPA, PVC, or phthalates
  • Lid fit is snug, not tight; great for people with special needs, allergies, picky eaters; make your own healthy “Lunchables”; pack leftovers tonight for a fresh lunch tomorrow
  • Includes new chopping blade, three slicing/shredding discs, spatula
  • Great for portion control or special diet; keeps food separated; safe for microwave, freezer, dishwasher.

Purple Bento Lunch Box Compartment — Best Lunch Box Containers For Toddlers

  • SAY GOODBYE TO LEAKS AND SPILLS! -Our premium air tight silicone sealed lid ensures no nasty spillages within the box- even for liquids.
  • PERFECT FOR MEAL PREPPING – Ensure your portion sizes are appropriate with the 3 removable compartments (one large, two small) within our bento box. You can choose to use all, some, or none of the removable compartments, depending on the healthy meal or snacks you pack.
  • Functions 5 different swing(speed) settings and there is a timer available for rocking, 3 timing accessible – 15,30 or 45 minutes; Baby can enjoy the inbuilt music or nature sounds, also able to connect your phone through USB port or Bluetooth function to play their favorite music or lullaby.

Fun Life Compartment Insulated Eco Friendly

  • LEAK-PROOF TECHNOLOGY: The bento lunch box set are 4 clips one on each side, and since this bento box has a very tight lid to prevent the leaking, the 4 little feet under the bottom can keep the bento box stable
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The Snack Food Storage Bento Boxes is Drop-proof, rubber-coated edges and sturdy design are ideal for active kids on the go, all made with BPA-free and FDA food-grade materials
  • Chunky yet lightweight with easy­grip sides, perfect for little hands
  • PURCHASE WITH A PURPOSE: Bentgo continues to be a proud supporter of Feed the Children, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gives hope and resources for hungry children and families.

EasyLunchboxes ELB5 snack Containers 4 Compartment Brights

  • Lid fit is snug, but not too tight; “click” on for a tighter seal, or close gently so smaller kids can open independently
  • Not leak-proof; avoid liquids or runny food
  • Large window openings offer a breezy feel

BPA Free DaCool Container 5 Compartment Microwave

  • Microwave safe — The inner removable white insert can be put in microwave. Please hand wash the box and white insert to protect seal ring which helps leak proof.
  • Ideal Food for Kids — 5 practical compartments can store sandwich fruit nut yogurt and more delicious nutrient food, no more worries about kids can’t enjoy their meal at school or outside.
  • 1” Mattress pad and Bassinet fabric can be easily wash clean
  • Leak Proof — Special inner container tray material and the leakproof partition in the lid make food fresh that will not leak out or mess with other compartments food.

Bentgo Kids Prints Sharks 5 Compartment

  • LEAK-PROOF TECHNOLOGY: Keeps meals and snacks fresh and mess-free during transport – Designed with 2 kid-friendly latches that are easy for small hands to open and close
  • IDEAL PORTIONS FOR KIDS: 5 practical compartments portioned perfectly for a child’s appetite to encourage a healthy and balanced meal (recommended for ages 3-7)
  • Imported

Qualitas Products Premium Bento Boxes

  • MAKES PACKING LUNCH FUN! Get your kids, toddlers to eat health food they would normally grumble and moan about. Your kids want to make their own lunch with our bento boxes and are excited to open them to see and eat what’s inside.
  • GREAT TIME SAVER FOR PACKING YOUR KIDS AND YOUR OWN LUNCHES & SNACKS! 5 reusable containers with 3 separate divided compartments.
  • UV PROTECTION, PERFECT FOR CLOTHES – Other existing coating products based on silicone, Teflon and various solvents dissolve and disappear as a result of the heat and radiation of the sun, as well as air pollution!

Summary of Best Lunch Box Containers For Toddlers

We have tried to collect a list of best lunch box containers for toddlers for you, so that you can compare the property and descriptions. We hope that this selection was useful for you. Don’t forget to leave your questions and comments below 😉

Best Toddler Lunch Boxes

  1. By LUNCH2GO
    LUNCH2GO Leakproof Bento Lunch.Box for kids and toddlers – Reusable 6-compartment container set for children – Preportioned case to pack healthy balanced meals.
  2. By Petit Collage
    Petit Collage insulated Lunch Box,Dinosaurs
  3. By Cuccu
    Bento Lunch Boxes,3-compartment meal prep containers with lids,food storage containers,10 pack BPA free food lunch box,leak proof,reusable,stackable,microwave,freezer and Dishwasher Safe.
  4. By Urban Infant
    Urban infant Toddler/Preschool yummie snack bag-poppies
  5. By LovenGo
    LovenGo kids lunch bag-insulated lunch box and healthy eBook recipes for kids – Soft Cooler bag with fun design fir kids and toddler.

Best Lunch Boxes For Kids or Preschool

Thermos novelty lunch kit

Thermos novelty lunch kit. Thermos novelty is established for over 100 year ago with many products, and now it still continued to create the new product like this lunchbox.

Bento kids leakproof

Bento kids leakproof about his lunchbox. Your kid can add the meal inside it for five things, and you can divide it up to five parts like this box allowed, that can make your food still fresh, and that has two kid-friendly latches that make your kid open.

Despicable Me minion lunch kit

Despicable Me minion lunch kit. In order to make the lunchbox loved by many kids, each factory try hard of finding the new thing that can catch.

Easylunchboxes insulated lunchbox

Easylunchboxes insulated lunchbox when you want to have a meal of school work or travel with your own food.

Thermos soft lunch kit

Thermos soft lunch kit. Lunch box is something that can hold or stored your food inside and you can wash it as well for this lunch box.

Best healthy school lunches

  1. Low-fat,low-sodium sandwich meat,redused-fat string cheese,94% fat-free popcorn,grapes.
  2. unsalted almonds,whrote meat tuna salad with low-fat mayonnaise on a whole-wheat English muffin,fat-free yogurt,seamed edamame.
  3. Whole-wheat crackers,cup raisins,hard-boiled egg,hummus,slicer cucumber.
  4. Whore-wheat pasta with lite dressing,snap peas,blueberries,chicken breast.
  5. Black bean and corn salad,srange slices,low-sodium chips,salsa.Beans are a great vegetarian pritein alternative.

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