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Sunrise Simulation Fading Colors Nature — Best Sound Machine Alarm Clock

  • LED LIGHT: adjustable light levels and 7 colors suitable. FM RADIO can preset 20 stations. Eight kinds of white noisy and nature sound: bird, white noisy, thunder, brook, ocean wave, frog, summer light, wind.
  • Alarm Clock with Snooze function. Wake up by radio, nature sound or alarm music with wake-up light.
  • ECO-FRIENLY Bento lunch box for adults & kids made with food grade PP, non-toxic materials. Modern food storage containers are made to last for years without absorbing odors and holding in stains.
  • Dual Sleep Timer and Dual Alarm: Gradual Sleep to Custom Light and Sound Programs or Bluetooth Audio, Gradual Wake and Customizable Settings

NURSAL Machine Soothing Relaxation Auto off

  • MEMORY FUNCTION: After turning on, the machine automatically adjusts to your last set volume and sound track
  • POWER SUPPLY MODES: The Machine can be used with any international USB adapter (Adapter included), computer/laptop USB port or take it on the go with 3 AA batteries (not included). The AA batteries are not supplied when the USB supply. Military time shows time exactly when you just woke up
  • PRACTICAL: Cute panda bear shaped soap & lotion dispenser. Very easy to remove the pump/top in order to make a refill. Hide your brand soap bottles and get yourself a cute panda by your sink!
  • Take your Senior Swivel anywhere with its lightweight, flexible, and portable design. This seat cushion has an indestructible internal swivel mechanism that lasts for years.

REACHER Charging Adjustable Thermometer Bedrooms

  • Charge two phones or tablets at the same time via dual USB ports; Save two outlet sockets
  • FM radio with sleep timer let you sleep with your favorite radio, you can set radio to turn off automatically in 10-120 minutes. You also can memory 20 FM radio stations with search once
  • MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE – Made of 100% medical-grade silicone. Completely BPA-free and safe for baby.
  • Changing table is removable and flips over when not in use

Conair SU7 Soothing Sounds Relaxation

  • Includes dual alarm, snooze button and timer
  • Comes with 10 different sounds
  • SAFE BABY SENSORY TOYS: This cute stuffed baby car accessory toys include fox and raccoon which are high contrast, soft, multi-textured and well-made with high quality materials, comfortable and non-toxic, safe toys for newborn babies to snuggle with while stimulating baby’s sense of touch.
  • Age Level: 0-12 months

AVANTEK Sleeping Non Looping Fidelity Soothing — Best Sound Machine Alarm Clock

  • PERFECT FOR BABY SLEEPING: This white noise machine with a wide volume range of 30 levels allows you to find the comfort level for your baby and family, which helps to create a perfect sleeping environment and effectively protect your baby’s hearing
  • EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY: The speaker in this machine is customized and debugged by a market-leading speaker manufacturer; with just the touch of a button you’ll be enjoying a crystal clear, rich, and natural sound from this white noise machine
  • Extend countered space; Opening doors for oven, fridge and microwave
  • SIZE: 13 x 12 x 7.5 inches, three AA batteries needed but not included in.

Projection Relaxing Multi Alarm Nightlight HoMedics

  • Automatic Time Set & DST Adjustment: The Homedics Time Projection Radio Automatically adjusts to Daylight Savings Time; It Features an advanced Automatic Time setting Technology that Automatically Displays the correct Time and date
  • 8 Peaceful Nature Sounds: Choose from 8 digitally recorded relaxing Sounds: Ocean, White Noise, Brook, Rainforest, Thunder, Rain, Fan, Campfire; The Soundspa’s sounds are Designed to mimic the natural environment to provide the most relaxing Sleep experience possible
  • Travel friendly, portable design
  • MAKING A DIFFERENCE – As a bonus we have included a set of expressing tips to assist on this crucial part of your breastfeeding journey. Our pump comes standard with 25mm flanges but you can buy 21mm or 29mm flanges if needed.

iHome Zenergy Bluetooth Bedside Blending

  • LED Color Blending: Full Spectrum Color Changing Modes to Enhance Any Mood
  • Light Therapy: 14 Specially Designed Light Therapy Programs to promote Sleep at Night and Increase Energy During the Day
  • Premium Thermos Food Container: The sweat-proof lunch box is made of high quality 304 stainless steel BPA,phthalates lead and PVC free.Durable stainless steel interior and exterior are perfect for your healthy meal plan
  • No mess, no waste: TruKid Bubble Podz are pre-measured and ready to use. No more accidentally pouring out the entire bottle of bubble bath!

I·CODE Alarm Childrens Trainer Machine

  • TOUCH SENSITIVE NIGHT LIGHTBenefit sleep timer function lets you fall sleep with night light for a certain time then auto turn off. 3 brightness for warm/white light.color lights can change automatically or fix a color you like. Just touch to turn on/off or choose color and brightness.
  • HOW IT WORKS At a young age, toddlers know the icons and understand that the sun means it’s time to get up or get out of bed. During the night , the clock gently glows a moon, children know it’s time to sleep or stay in bed until the sun shows.
  • Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • CLEANS IN SECONDS Detach the sterilizer and dryer for easy-peasy cleaning, so you can wipe down and descale the device fast. (It is recommended to fill the water tray with purified or distilled water, which can greatly reduce the smell of scale buildup, caking, and burning.)

SHARPER Machine Projection Temperature Functions

  • RELAXING STAR PATTERN PROJECTION: Star mode turns on the projector on the top of the clock, projecting a fun, rotating pattern of green, red, and blue stars! This also backlights the LED screen for nighttime use.
  • DISPLAYS DATE, TIME, AND TEMPERATURE: The LED screen conveniently displays the time, month, year, and current temperature at a glance.
  • COMPLETE TOY KITCHEN ACCESSORIES – Total 23 pieces include: a colander, Stainless Steel play pots and pans with Lid and Handles, 4 Stainless Steel and a Wooden Utensils, Apron & Chef Hat, Pot Holder and cutting vegetables toys.

Sharp Projection Soothing Nature Sounds

  • DUAL ALARM WITH ON/OFF BELL INDICATORS Set two alarm times, set one alarm for weekday and the other for weekend wake times. Clearly see when the alarm is active when the bell icon on the display is visible.
  • 8 SOOTHING SLEEP SOUNDS Fall asleep to your choice of 8 different nature sounds. Featured sounds include: Campfire, Thunder, Rain, Ocean,  White Noise, Fan, Stream, Rainforest. – All sounds can be made louder or softer , allowing you to create the optimal preference and setting.
  • Sippy spout fits any Dr. Brown’s Options+ Narrow bottle (vent removed)
  • Vlokup Baby carriers place baby in the optimal position – high on the mommy’s chest and close enough to kiss. This is extremely important in any water environment or daily use

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