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King International Stainless Traditional Eco Friendly — Best Tiffin Lunch Box

  • 100% STAINLESS STEEL – This bento is made from high quality food grade stainless steel. Since there is no plastic it has the benefit of being BPA free, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals. This product can be washed in the dishwasher and leaves none of the food stains that plastic containers often get. This durable bento is the perfect size to fit in your backpack or purse and durable enough to keep up with your busy lifestyle.
  • PART OF A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – The food container allows you to easily pack a nutritious lunch for you and your family. This bento is also great for meal planning and portion control. This container holds five cups of food, allowing you to easily load up on healthy veggies or mid-day snacks. Take this bento to the office, school, on the road, camping or hiking.
  • RIDICULOUSLY SOFT. Rid your nursery of thin, scratchy cotton and enjoy these silky-soft, Playard Sheets, including Graco Pack ‘n Play, that will keep your baby cozy and comfortable.
  • Dishwasher safe

Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Insert

  • *** 3-in-1 DESIGN WITH POD NESTING CONTAINER: This 3-in-1 Eco-Friendly Lunch Box consists of 3 separate compartments. The bottom-tier can easily hold a FULL-SIZE SANDWICH with room to spare! The top-tier is equally deep and is ideal for pasta, salads, meats, veggies – the possibilities are endless! The removable POD NESTING CONTAINER is perfect for fruit, nuts or THICK SAUCES like humus or yogurt!
  • *** BIGGER THAN OTHERS: Holding more than 6 CUPS of Food, our lunch box is up to 50% BIGGER than most stainless steel bento lunch boxes on the market. Is it Huge? No. But most other bento boxes are tiny and only hold about 4 cups. At a capacity of 6 Cups, most of our customers find our bento lunch box to be PERFECT for growing Kids and Adults.
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE SPACE FOR CHILDYour child will be carried safely in his padded cocoon with DOUBLE protection safety jacket,safety straps and stirrups. The Baby Backpack also has a retractable canopy which can be store in the back bag that shields your little one from the elements. You can also use the full rain cover in the raining day.
  • Non-greasy, lightweight formula absorbs quickly into skin. * Paraben Free, Gluten Free, 100% Vegan, THC Free

Cal Tiffin Stainless Lunchbox 3 compartment

  • CONVENIENT SIZE: At 6.75″ length, 5.25″ width, and 3.5″ height, it can take slightly over 5 cups of food. Overall volume is 40 fl oz or 1200 cc. This container can hold a small/ regular size SANDWICH comfortably, with additional room for salad, fruits, and munchies.
  • QUALITY TO LAST FOR YEARS: premium quality with sturdy construction using 100% food-grade stainless steel. This product is free of BPA, Lead, toxins, and harmful Phthalates. Get rid of those plastic containers!
  • SAFE & STYLISH: With classic design and framed drawer detailing, the Brookside 3 Drawer Combo Dresser is designed to match any Graco crib yet versatile enough to complement the other furniture in your home. Drawers feature Euro-glide tracks & safety stops
  • NOT LEAK PROOF DUE TO 100% METAL CONSTRUCTION: container is designed to eliminate silicone and plastic gaskets, which makes it NOT LEAK-PROOF. The TOP TRAY is required to close the container. Clean it safely using top rack in your dishwasher. Manufactured responsibly in INDIA

Stainless Container Lunchbox Friendly Storage

  • ECO & ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Not even a touch of BPA, PVC , BPS or PHTHALATES goes into making this food container. Best to keep your plastic in your wallet, not in your food.
  • 20% LARGER: Ahhh, nothing like market research. We found most people that use bento boxes really like them. However, when asked how they would improve upon their bento box the overwhelming response was… MAKE IT BIGGER! Your wish is our command. This box is 20% larger than most. So, is this thing HUGE??? No, not really. We think it’s the perfect size. Besides, who wants to lug around a huge suitcase size lunch box anyway?
  • 2 in 1 Armchair: This chair has two type feet, it can be used as a rocking chair by installing the rocker feet and also it can be used as an ordinary sofa chair by installing the upright feet. Both types of chair feet are equipped with foot pads to protect your floor from scratching.
  • Great fit for nursing, sleeping, exercising, staying at home – Good choice for bottom clothes.

Prep Naturals Glass Containers Compartment — Best Tiffin Lunch Box

  • HELP YOU KEEP YOUR DIET – The portion control feature of the divided glass lunch containers allows you to regain control over your meals. Featuring two compartments, the portion control glass containers make it easy to organize your meals and keep your diet plan.
  • EASY TO WARM OR FREEZE – Made from eco-friendly borosilicate glass, the food storage containers are freezable, microwavable and oven safe. As a bonus, the smart locking lids of the glass food prep containers make your food warming a breeze. (lids are NOT microwave, oven or dishwasher safe)
  • 360 degree drinking edge eliminates spills completely
  • MOM FOUNDED & PARENT LED: Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh has supported moms for 35 years with award winning breast pumps, nipple creams, nursing pads, and breast milk storage bags, helping families create bonds that last a lifetime.

MILTON Insulated Microwave Compartment Containers

  • MULTIPURPOSE KEEPER; PERFECT ON-THE-GO STORAGE: This lunch box CAN BE STACKED AS 3-TIER, OR USED AS 2, or EVEN 1. Each layer has a separate cover to keep it secured and clean while providing you proper organization of the different food you’d like to store. Whatever meals you have, whether it is liquid or solid food, for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner, you can BRING THEM ALL INSIDE THESE PORTABLE CONTAINERS. Take it with you whenever, wherever with its EASY-CARRY HANDLE AND SHOULDER STRAP.
  • SECURED STORAGE; THERMAL INSULATED: NO MIXED OR SOGGY FOOD, and DEFINITELY NO SPILLS when you have this AIR-TIGHT and LEAK-PROOF container. PRESERVE THE HEAT OF MEALS FOR UP TO 4 HOURS as its stainless steel interior makes it HIGHLY INSULATED. You may also STORE COLD FOOD OR DRINKS AND IT’LL KEEP ITS TEMPERATURE FOR UP TO 6 HOURS. Pack whatever food you want, whether it is a noodle soup, rice, porridge, sausage, or bacon and keep them securely sealed and fresh for a long time.
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE – The uniquely design followed shape of human body which with oversized U-shaped and long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body.It is not only for pregnant mothers but it is also comfortable for everyone who is eager for a better night sleep;

Good Grips Leakproof Lunch Container

  • Container can be used without the plate to create one large compartment
  • Two leakproof compartments keep wet and dry food separate
  • RIDE ON TOY: Adorable tricycle featuring a smiley bug face and butterfly wings in white. A bit more advanced, this is a steerable ride-on with directional wheels for greater maneuverability.
  • Comfort: Glider recliner has a built-in easy-pull mechanism which offers a lot of convenience and comfort. It makes it easy for you to rest your legs. You can also fully recline back and relax

Bentgo Classic Gray All Built

  • COMPACT & EASY STORAGE: Top container nests inside the bottom one for compact & easy storage
  • BPA-FREE & FDA APPROVED: Made with food-grade, eco-friendly materials that are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe (Note: Do not put center divider in dishwasher or microwave)
  • Hygienic air system helps reduce skin irritation
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT & ROOMY – 25L capacity with only 0.6lb! Spacious enough to carry a day’s worth of necessities. Avoid overweight baggage charges by simply unfolding it from your luggage and using it as a carry on for your excess baggage. A must-have whether a daytrip or a long-way tour

Cal Tiffin Stainless Lunchbox 2 compartment

  • CONVENIENT SIZE: At 5.5″ length, 5.5″ width, and 2″ height, it can take slightly over 3 cups of food. Overall volume is 25 fl oz or 750cc. This container can hold a regular size SANDWICH comfortably, with additional room for salad, fruits, or munchies in the top tray.
  • QUALITY TO LAST FOR YEARS: sturdy construction using food-grade stainless steel. This product is free of BPA, Lead, toxins, and harmful Phthalates. Get rid of those plastic containers and silicone lids!
  • ADJUSTABLE MATTRESS HEIGHT: With adjustable mattress heights, the Storkcraft Portofino Convertible Crib will keep your baby safe and comfortable in a bed that will grow with them. This convertible, adjustable, versatile bed can last your child a lifetime.
  • DISHWAHSER SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN – This snack box is dishwasher safe. Of course, you also could wash it with warm soapy water by hands and patted dry to prevent water spot marks. Take care of the food container, wash and dry it and then you will find it is still keep beautiful which could make you feeling nice!

MILTON MICROWAVEABLE Stainless Containers Expandable

  • CARRY THEM AROUND WITH EASE: The 4 Kids’ Lunch Boxes Come With An Insulated Thermal Bag That Will Keep The Content At The Right Temperature. The Practical Bag Is Expandable And Has An Adjustable Strap, So That You Can Take Your Lunch With You At Work, At School, University Or College, Or Even When You Travel.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO PLASTIC CONTAINERS: The Eco-Friendly Meal Prep Lunch Containers Are The Solution For Packing Well-Balanced Lunches Kids Love, Made Out Of High Quality Stainless Steel, It’s The Safe, Non-Toxic Alternative To Plastic. At The Same Time, Are You Tired of Plastic Containers That Leak And Break Easily? These Food Storage Containers Have Airtight Lids That Are 100% Leak-Proof. Durable And Unbreakable, So You’ll Never Have To Replace Them With New Ones.
  • Non-replaceable battery included
  • Travel system ready: Compatible with BOB or Britax Infant Car Seats when using the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter (sold separately); and with most other major brands

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