Best Wooden Toys For Infants

In this list, we have collected the best products in the category best wooden toys for infants. Why? To make it convenient for you to compare them before buying. We added useful information about these products to the list: measurements, characteristics, and other important details. All this information will help you make a decision and choose the best of the best.

GEMEM Building Geometry Learning Matching — Best Wooden Toys For Infants

  • BUILD GOOD MOTOR SKILLS: Put 12 different shapes in the correct 12 holes and put them out to exercise the child’s observation and practical ability to promote hand-eye coordination so they can learn to sorting and matching. Perfect interactive educational toy for for 1 year old and up
  • MORE SAFE: Durable wood and non-toxic painted. The design of a big hole on the top of the cube instead of lid to protect kid’s hand avoid clamping while open the lid. An early-learning powerhouse that encourages color and shape recognition, fine motor skills, manual dexterity and more
  • Trainer handles with soft grips make it easy to hold for baby
  • Includes 13 interchangeable pipes, fittings, and faucets and three accessories: one boat, one water cup, and one funnel

Organic Montessori Styled Baby Homi

  • Made in the USA – Each rattle is made here in the USA using ethically harvested hardwoods.
  • Ideal for skin that is dry, flaky, and in need of extra care.

HAN MM Teething Foldable Activity Hanging

  • Width between gym’s legs is 19.7” (50 cm) , Depth is 19.7” (50 cm), Height from the floor to a play gym bar is 17.7” (45 cm)
  • Removable construction allows to change or add more toys. Easy to assemble and fold away. Definitely use with adult supervision.
  • Comes with 3 wooden ring hanging,also a baby teether! Encourages early motor skills while giving infants something to hold and manipulate. Natural color, perfectly coordinate with most of the nursery.

GEMEM Rainbow Stacker Stacking Learning

  • EDUCATIONAL TOYS: This set can improve children’s minds in creativity, logic, measurement, and hand-eye coordination skill which are vital as initial life lessons
  • SAFE MATERIAL: It made of premium wood, the stacking rings are safe and non-toxic for playing
  • FAST ACTING, QUICK RESULTS – Clinically proven to be Highly Absorbable, our Iron Chelate coupled with Vitamin C, B6, B12 plus Folic Acid, help red blood cell formation and ensure faster acting results. Ideal for women, men, prenatal, post-operative, or teenagers who maybe low in iron or suffer from anemia
  • Ultimate Gift: Very durable and compact, no worries about breaking apart. It’s surprising fun and such a neat idea. The string is about 30 inch long, enough to make the worm go through every hole. Good for problem solving.

Natural Wooden Baby Toys Cotton Crochet Bunny Teething Ring Teether — Best Wooden Toys For Infants

  • SUPPORTS BABY’S EARLY MOTER SKILL DEVELOPMENT- Baby works on Hand and Eye coordination all while enjoying relief from teething discomfort.
  • SET OF 2 – NATURAL – ECO FRIENDLY – GREEN TOYS – Phthalate free , Latex Free, Lead Free, BPA Free, hand sanded to perfection.
  • PADDLE PALS – Safest Patented U.S. Coast Guard Approved “Learn to Swim” life jacket with attached arm bands for teaching kids to safely learn to swim
  • DID YOU KNOW? Wood has Natural ANTIBACTERIAL and ANTIMICROBIAL properties making wood a superior teething choice. Unlike Silicone, wood doesn’t attract dust! No need to keep rinsing it.

Earth Kind Baby Teething Friendly

  • FREEZER FRIENDLY; Natural pain reliever, will cool but not harden, helping your baby find relief
  • ECO FRIENDLY; Made from 100% food grade silicone & organic all natural beech wood; Easily recyclable
  • HOSPITAL-GRADE INCONTINENCE CARE: Managing incontinence? Feel clean & refreshed with every adult diaper change. Our foam cleanser is excellent for removing adult diaper rash cream, barrier cream, dimethicone cream & protective ointment from skin. It also removes soils & odor, leaving you feeling clean & refreshed with a light, fresh scent! Use it every change with an adult diaper, incontinence underwear, adult brief, comfort brief & other disposable absorbent underwear
  • Hand Wash Only, BPA Free & Non Toxic

Mini Tudou Building Teethers Educational

  • TeethersIt is soft,chewable and perfectly for the baby who are aged 6 months and just get their first teeth.
  • Stacking ToyThese baby building blocks are soft,durable and easy to be picked up and stacked together by baby’s hand.It also can be squeezed and will making a squeak sound.
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT AND ULTIMATE RELAXATIONSit back and relax in your very own push back recliner chair. This chairs for living room features a dual-function foot extension and a reclining back that will surely help you to unwind and de-stress.Enjoy your favorite entertainment and fully relax your body and mood with this comfortable recliner sofa.chairs for living room recliner sofa wingback chair single sofa recliner chair
  • Spacious Storage: Size:10.4×3.5×8.2inch. Our lightweight box with 0.37lb could hold a kid’s container with extra room for snacks, utensils, fruits, milk or small water bottle, and front zip pocket could hold napkins or towel. A small food-safe & eco-fridly pouch is designed to store utensils, more hygienic.

Teething Rattles Sensory Teether Bracelet

  • SAFE-100% BPA Free,Non toxic,food grade silicone,organic beech rings,suitable for the baby chewing
  • 100% BPA Free Silicone beads.②Vintage design, natural beech.
  • This pediatrician recommended diaper cream starts working immediately to prevent, protect, and heal mild to aggressive diaper rash
  • BYE BYE TEARS-Silicone beads and organic beech ring provide instant teething pain relief for baby

Promise Babe Montessori Teether Interesting

  • DEVELOPING- This wood rattle teether toy set helps eye hand coordination and fine motor skills
  • BABY DESIGN-Baby finger size design,perfect grasping teething toy for toddlers.Bring play and fun
  • Soothing natural Colloidal Oatmeal cream is steroid-, fragrance-, paraben- and phthalate-free so it’s gentle on your baby’s skin

Natural Christmas Teething Montessori Inspired

  • BABY’S FIRST TOYS! Great for baby’s first Christmas and Baby Shower Gifting- this teething set will be well appreciated by both parents and baby.
  • DID YOU KNOW? Wood has Natural ANTIBACTERIAL and ANTIMICROBIAL properties making wood a superior teething choice. Unlike Silicone, wood doesn’t attract dust! No need to keep rinsing it.

Summary of Best Wooden Toys For Infants

We have tried to collect a list of best wooden toys for infants for you, so that you can compare the property and descriptions. We hope that this selection was useful for you. Don’t forget to leave your questions and comments below 😉

Are wooden toys good for babies?

Parents often worry about the safety of their child, so it is not surprising that there are many questions about wooden toys safe for children. Therefore, they want to give only the best and quality to their children so that they grow up healthy and happy. Even before people started using plastic and other synthetic materials, all toys for children were made exclusively from wood. So, wooden toys never go out of style.

There’s rarely any major commercial hype around the latest wooden pieces, but they’ve been enjoyed for generations and are still going strong. Wooden toys are better not only for children, but also for the environment, since they don’t need batteries or any source of energy. They are bio-degradable and can be disposed of easily. So if you are thinking about buying toys for children – wooden toys will be a great solution.

What wood is good for kids toys?

We already know that wooden toys can be bought and given to kids of any age. Such a toy is an investment in your child that is sound, safe, and well worth the money spent. Hardwood, such as ash, poplar, maple, oak, beech, birch, are considered to be the best wood materials from which quality toys are made. Toys from them are usually more expensive than other analogues. However, the safety of the child is in the first place for any parent.

Why are plastic toys bad for babies?

Many toys are made from substandard materials, especially plastic, because it is very quick and cheap to manufacture. The fact is that unscrupulous manufacturer’s budgetary toys created from low-quality materials, which provoke the oncology development. According to recent studies, cases of the development of cancer in children who played with plastic toys have increased. And if you still decide to buy a plastic toy, it should not have a pungent smell. The toy must have manufacturer information and care instructions. In all other cases, give the prerogative to natural, wooden playthings.

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